Wearable technology and IoT meet fashion jewellery to focus on women’s ‘unique’ needs across safety, convenience, and health and wellness.

Location based safety alerts at the press of a button. Get important notifications on your jewellery without constantly reaching for your phone -- emails, texts, calls, calendar alerts, health & wellness reminders -- it's up to you!

Wear it on a necklace, blouse, belt, keychain or attach it to your purse.

DAZL on any occasion - work, university, date, parties, weddings or while commuting.



Safety Alerts With Your Location

At the push of a button on your jewellery, your well-wishers get your location

Selective Notifications

Important calls or SMSs buzz your jewellery, in a set pattern

Phone Loss Prevention

Your jewellery beeps if you forget your phone behind

Health & Wellness

Key notifications focused on women's health


Taken from your jewellery

Chic & Glamorous

For every occasion


1. Download
the DAZL app for Android & iOS.

2. Connect your DAZL jewellery to your phone via the new energy efficient Bluetooth.

3. Enter the phone numbers of loved ones who will receive your connected GPS location at the push of a button.

4. Specify the notifications you wish to receive -- emails, texts, calls, calendar, health & wellness alerts -- it's up to you!

Aditi Chadha

Aditi Chadha is the Founder, CEO and Product Architect at DAZL. She worked 7 years in Silicon Valley, most recently conducting M&A advisory services and financial due diligence across the semi-conductor, manufacturing and enterprise software/cloud sectors. She is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and the brand ambassador of the Telecom Centre of Excellence (TCOE) associated with the Government of India. She is also the winner of the SheCEO award at NASSCOM and a recently-invited speaker at the largest Bluetooth conference in the world, Bluetooth World.

Anu Chadha

Anu Chadha

Anu Chadha is the Co-Founder and Chief Fashion Officer at DAZL. She brings 25 years of experience in the global fashion accessories industry and has built a successful fashion export house selling to renowned international retail chains. She regularly participates in major international fashion trade shows and possesses expertise in cutting edge fashion design. Anu is a frequent speaker at fashion colleges in Scandinavia and at the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs. She is the winner of the Udyog Rattan Award conferred by the Institute of Economic Studies.

World Class

World Class Team

DAZL is supported by a world-class team of engineers, designers and advisors from India, Asia and the Silicon Valley. Under Aditi's and Anu's leadership, they've supported launch preparation and product development across embedded hardware, software/cloud and product/fashion design. In addition, the team has conducted thorough market research about the Indian consumer and set up the culturally-sensitive supply chain in Asia. The team has diligently worked to design and produce the uniquely chic, glamorous and intelligent collection of DAZL smart jewellery.

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